Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is cancer that begins in the lung. It is the second-most common cancer in both men and women and doesn’t cause signs or symptoms until it has spread.

An estimated 238,340 people in the US alone will be diagnosed with this disease in 2024. That translates to roughly 529 diagnoses every single day, a stark reminder of its prevalence. Sadly, it claims lives too, with 127,070 fatalities expected this year in the US, making it the leading cause of cancer death.

But there's a beacon of hope: lung cancer rates are slowly declining, potentially owing to smoking cessation efforts and early detection advancements. However, these numbers still paint a sobering picture, emphasizing the importance of lung cancer awareness, prevention, and access to early diagnosis tools. Remember, knowledge is power, and by understanding these statistics, we can empower ourselves and others to fight back against this formidable foe.

While it's serious, there are ways to catch it early and fight back, making early detection and healthy choices your biggest allies in keeping your lungs happy and healthy

Learn the causes, different types, symptoms, and treatment options available.