Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery that focuses on restoring shape and function to body parts damaged by injury, sickness, or congenital flaws. It involves a wide range of procedures aimed at repairing damaged tissues, restoring mobility, and improving overall appearance. The surgery aims to achieve several key goals, including:
  • Restoring Form: Recreate the natural shape and structure of the affected body part. This may involve reconstructing facial features, rebuilding breast tissue, or repairing damaged limbs.
  • Restoring Function: Restore the lost or impaired function of the affected body part. This may involve improving hand function, restoring joint mobility, or enhancing facial expressions.
  • Improving Appearance: While not the primary goal, reconstructive surgery often improves the appearance of the affected area, enhancing self-confidence and overall well-being.
In this section, we’ll tell you what reconstructive surgery is, how it works, preparations, and every other piece of information you need for your surgery to be successful.

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