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Management Team

At Healthtuition our readers come first. Our mission is to provide current, evidence-based, accurate and trustworthy health information.

Meet the leaders who’ve helped build Healthtuition into the fastest growing consumer health information site.

Walter Momanyi Ouko

Walter Momanyi
Walter Momanyi is the founder of Health Tuition. He has several years of experience in Digital Marketing, Writing, and cyber security. He manages and oversees all strategy and content being published at health Tuition. Outside the office, Walter enjoys traveling, reading and listening to music.

Geraldine Holden, MD

Geraldine Holden, MD
Director, Medical Affairs
Dr. Geraldine Holden is in charge of Healthtuition’s Medical Affairs team. She is experienced and has many years of clinical and healthcare technology.
She is also responsible for high quality engaging content at healthtution. She received her MD from Baylor College of Medicine. She loves doing reseach and excercises during her free time . Dr. Geraldinebelieves, by providing great health information content, the world becomes a better place to live.

Medical Team

Healthtuion’s content is continually reviewed and updated by a team of clinicians to ensure accuracy and integrity.

This is because there is a lot of research going on in different fields of medicine. New discoveries are being made day in day out. Our health professionals keep on reviewing and updating content frequently to ensure its integrity.

They ensure that existing and newly-created content reflects the most accurate information. The health/ medical information provided at healthtution website is revised by the following healthcare professionals

Daniel Brownie, MD

Daniel Brownie
Dr. Daniel Brownie is a certified plastic surgeon. He is skilled in procedures such as rhinoplasty, eye surgery, and mommy makeover. He brings his expertise in reconstructive surgery of the nose and general beautiful body outlook. Dr. Daniel uses his cosmetic skills to rejuvenate the nose, eyelid, and full body.

Dr. Steve Ndiema

Steve Ndiema
BSc, MSc.
Steve is a Registered physician. He completed his BSc, MSc pediatrics from the Dr. MGR University in Madras India. Currently lives in the UK he has considerable research experience but also enjoys writing medical articles for the general readership. Keeps fit by walking and Enjoys Music, nature, and sports.