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Thank You for your interest in writing for Health Tuition. We publish and promote articles and essays written by experts with an understanding of the subject matter about which they are writing.

If you’re a surgeon in either cosmetic, plastic, neuro, a dental, a medical spa director, nutrionist, Doctor or health and beauty Expert, A great copywriter you can send us your article for review.

Note: Do not send topic ideas. Only submit completed articles.

What We Write About

Health Tuition is a professionally written website and we focus on all health-related topics. You can check the topics we cover here Health A-Z.

Our Objectives

  • Inform readers about issues related to health
  • Provide useful, current, evidence-based, accurate and trustworthy health information that increases our reader’s quality of life.
  • Identify and promote high quality and relevant health and surgery products and services

Guest Posts Vs. Sponsored Content

Writers with expertise in nutrition, cosmetic surgery, pregnancy, diseases, and conditions or any other health-related topic are welcome to submit posts free of charge. For those writers who represent a company or who plan to endorse or promote a product, please be advised that your post is subject to the following;

  • Sponsored posts will be indicated as such
  • Sponsored posts will be accepted only if they are relevant to the topics included in Health Tuition, are well written, and are original, helpful.
  • Sponsored posts will include an author byline.
  • Sponsored posts will have no more than two do-follow links.
  • Sponsored posts will be subject to a nominal fee, to be paid through PayPal, and will remain active for a period not less than 12 months

Our Guidelines

At Healthtuition, our content, products, and services are of the highest standards of medical integrity. Content submitted is reviewed carefully by our editorial team to ensure it is aligned with our Editorial policy.

Below are guidelines you should follow if you are looking forward to being a contributor or submit a Guest post.

Tone of Writing

Articles may be written in either 1st or 3rd person. The tone should be informative but down to earth. Avoid technical and/or Jargon heavy writing. The focus should be solution-focused and mindful.

Length of The Article

We ask that posts be a minimum of 1000 words, with an optimal word length between 1500 to 2500. The article MUST be unique and original to health tuition and MUST not have been published or submitted elsewhere online.

This includes your blog and venues such as medium and Tumblr.

Articles will become the property of health tuition once submitted.

Choose A great Title

When choosing a title, think about the reader. What are they looking to learn? What problem do they want to solve? Write your title keeping those things in mind.

Use a Hook in your Opening Statement

The first few sentences will determine if a reader reads or moves onto the next article. Please be engaging, tell the reader exactly what they are about to experience, and make them want to keep reading.

Logical Succinct: In the body of your article.

  • Word count – Please submit articles of at least 1000 words. 1500-2500 is preferred.
  • Sub-Headings – Please split up your content with relevant subheadings to make it easier for readers to follow the logical flow of ideas.
  • Short Paragraphs – So readers can easily digest your awesome article, keep paragraphs short and succinct (2 -3 sentences each)

We encourage you to include or provide at least one authoritative quote within your article that relates to the topic.

You are welcome to insert a Youtube video into your article if it is directly relevant to the article topic and the content of the video is positive and appropriate.

If you wish to include a video, ensure you put brackets around the Youtube video URL in the exact place in your article that you wish it to appear.

Submit Sources Urls

If your article is about a medical condition, reference data, facts, statistics or research studies, please be sure to include a link to a credible source.

Put the link in brackets in the appropriate place in your article( please don’t hyperlink the text) Feel free to include 1-2 links to your website inside the body of your article that is relevant.

Because of the accuracy, trustworthiness, you should provide URL link sources of where you have outsourced the information from.

Check Before Submitting

Please spell-check your work. Read it out loud before you submit and make sure all errors have been corrected.

How To Submit Your Article

Please Email us Through [email protected] Your Article using Microsoft Word. Make sure to include;

  • Title of your article
  • Article text
  • Link to your website or blog, if any.

By submitting articles to Health Tuition, you acknowledge the following:

  • Article submission does not guarantee that it will be published. Articles will be accepted or denied based on quality, relevance, and uniqueness.
  • Health Tuition does not pay for content contributed
  • You accept our Terms of Use
  • You allow Health Tuition to make edits and revisions to maintain a high standard of quality.
  • When an article is published on our site, it is then owned by Health Tuition. You are not permitted to re-publish that content without prior approval from Health Tuition.

We reserve the right to:

  • Decline articles submitted, without providing reasons. (we can’t provide feedback on individual articles. We appreciate your understanding.)
  • Adjust article titles where necessary, to optimize reader engagement and SEO.
  • Make edits to articles(including but not limited to spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure to improve readability)

We Do Not Accept

  • Content that has been or will be published elsewhere. If Your content is published at Health Tuition, Please do not publish it elsewhere.
  • We do not accept spun articles, or about linking just to increase traffic, The content you write MUST be of high-quality, evidence-based and trustworthy.
  • We don’t accept SEO-boosted or promotional articles that are designed to boost SEO, promote yourself or any product or service. Instead, provide articles that educate, provide guidance, and or solve problems.
  • Do not send articles that promote services, business or products that have nothing to do with our mission and core values.
  • Do not send topic ideas only submit completed articles.
  • Do not send anything that violet our terms of use

Note: We ask that all authors/contributors share out the piece on their social networks upon publication, and we reserve the right to edit the piece as needed.